Rewarding and Frustrating

Running my own photography business can be both rewarding and frustrating in equal measure.

In a week that has seen me in the studio working with a wonderful new client has also seen me lose two contracts that I had been nurturing for the last 4 -6 weeks. Frustrating is an understatement and unfortunately the usual reason for businesses losing contracts, is the cost. Along with clients seeking other companies to do it cheaper, there’s also the issue that they do not respect either you or your work and try to get you to reduce your prices. It’s never a decision I take likely, I have to weigh up is it better to get some money into the company and take the hit on my self respect, or do I walk away? There is no right or wrong way, it’s a personal choice that I have to make and whichever way I go I will know in my heart if i made the right choice.