Wow just received this incredible review. Getting a review like this makes my job so rewarding:

40 for my 40th Update: So as you will know I set myself a challenge of completing 40 experiences to celebrate turning 40. One of those was to try my hand at modelling. I’ve not done any proper modelling other than a few mini promo shoots for campaigns or business imagery. I was rather depressed at the prospect of turning 40 and saw it as a negative rather than a milestone to embrace but never the less I put myself out there. After a compering gig a couple of years I was fortunate enough to meet Steve Rolfe of Steve Rolfe Photography who was there as official photographer. We got on instantly and I knew we’d end up working together at some point. Fast forward to August 2020 and a socially distanced coffee to discuss some business collaborations between our companies. It was as though we’d been mates for years. We were bouncing ideas off each other for over 2 hours. It was only the wind and rain which forced us to bring the meeting to an end. The shoot took place in September at Far Forest Studio near Kiddiminster. As well as creating content for a refresh of my website and business social media, Steve suggested we try some fashion, something I’d always wanted to have a go at. I have to say that we have created some fantastic content which will be hitting the socials in due course. Steve is a photography wizard, I kept calling him that throughout the shoot. He is so easy to get on with, and any nerves I may have started with were soon gone. I was throwing all sorts of shapes and facial expressions within minutes including my trademark resting bitch face. After every pose, camera angle or outfit change, Steve would show me what he had captured so we could critique it and decide whether or not it was what we were trying to achieve. We had lots of laughs but at the same time, the shoot felt professional. Steve listens and reacts accordingly to make sure you are put at ease, feel confident and most importantly you don’t feel that you are too old! It may sound cheesy but I can honestly say that this experience has helped me deal with hitting the big 4-0. I hold both Abi Howell & Nikki Budding responsible for their part in bringing the 2 Steve’s together. Thank you ladies. What has happened since the shoot you say? Well, I have been modelling for online portrait classes and have started building a portfolio as I have been offered paid work… Insane! Thank you Steve for your amazing support and for the opportunities you have helped create. I recommend Steve whole-heartedly and urge you to get in touch with him about your photography needs – family portraits, commercial property, interior design, fashion, boudoir and corporate events (when we can start those up again). And if you’ve got this far, well done. Here’s an image from our shoot. You’ll have to wait for the rest. The moral of this post is threefold;1. Age is a number, not a mindset2. You are never too old to try something new 3. Doing things that scare you can be fun