Natural Light Photography

I love to work with natural light. For the last four years I have been specialising in natural light photography and with every shoot I am still learning. You are working with nature, the light changes all the time and it helps you to become a better photographer as you are always checking your camera settings.

You make sure the images you take are lit correctly. For me the key aspect are the eyes, to make sure they are nicely focused, as they naturally draw the eye of the viewer. Black and white also lends itself so well to natural light and I prefer it to colour images. My image below was taken under scaffolding on a natural light shoot in Bristol. The model is the wonderful Ruby D and I have worked with her many times. I look to capture her eyes and features clearly and leave the background slightly blurred, so the viewer is naturally drawn to the person. The white sunglasses really help to add a little more to the image and the suit jacket is a juxtaposition with the surroundings.


I am always looking for new clients that would love to experience a natural light photography experience. So if this is something for you, then please drop me a line on my contact page and let’s get it arranged.