Natural light photography

With photography and especially portrait photography a lot of my fellow photographers will head to their nearest studio to use the studio lighting and a fair number of them will never even contemplate natural light photography. Either they’re scared of using it or because using a studio there is peace of mind that once the lighting is set up and the camera settings are correct then you can have an almost worry free shoot.

I use studio lighting at times and a lot of studios do not have any windows so natural light isn’t an option. I do sometimes feel that the studio can be too clinical but when you work with natural light it can be both rewarding and frustrating in equal measure.

To me there is more technique and skill to understand your camera’s strong points and what it can and cannot do. You are forever checking that the images on the back of the camera, making sure the lighting is correct and the sharpness is what you your looking for.

I love to shoot on location and I use a local studio which offers both studio and wonderfully diffused natural lighting.

When you have 10 minutes, take yourself outside and see the way the weather changes and how it affects your images.

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