Lock down

It seems like ages since I last posted on my blog.

It’s been a very funny period over the last weeks or months as it is turning out to be. I’m still trying to keep myself busy by going over past images and re-editing images and to try a different look.

But the main thing that has been happening is part of my portfolio is changing. Back in January I decided to change my boudoir side of the business and to give it’s own very special place on the internet. I originally had it under Steve Rolfe Boudoir Photography, because I thought it would be better to keep all my photography together under the same umbrella. But after taking time to analyse how i wanted it to look and where i wanted to go with my boudoir work, I decided to change the name. I was hoping for a more personal feel and touch with the brand, so looking into my own family I decided to choose my grand mother’s maiden name Le Sage. Le Sage is French Huguenot and my family came over from France in the late 1600’s.

So Le Sage Boudoir was born, it’s still in it’s infancy and slowly growing, but obviously with the lockdown things have been a lot slower.