Natural light boudoir photography

My journey into boudoir photography started over six years ago. For the past four I have been specialising with natural light photography within my boudoir work. Natural light isn’t for every photographer and after experimenting with both studio and natural light, I felt that I had an affiliation with using only the available light that came through the windows. The light would change as I go through the photo shoot and knowing how to use it and not worry about fading light helps me create beautiful images with lots of wonderful shadow and softness that just makes for an atmospheric and timeless photo.

Boudoir is French for bedroom and subtle images are key, lots of shadow and create an air of mystery. Also having big flash boxes can be a little daunting for a client who may already be nervous of having her photos taken.

So for me, I just use a couple of cameras with different lenses to help me create interesting and beautiful images, that my clients just adore.

I recently had a boudoir shoot with Miss S who I have worked with before. We wanted to create a set of images that I can use to help promote my boudoir photography. Please find a couple of the images below from our shoot.

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