My story

“Unique imagery inspired by life”

This is my business tagline. I find inspiration anywhere, from an empty pop bottle lying in a gutter to flashing traffic lights at night.

My career hasn’t always been in photography, for seventeen years prior to starting my own business in 2014 I was a civil servant in a job for life.

I stumbled into photography almost by accident. A chance browse through a book of creative images caught my inspiration. I would go out in the evening and weekends taking images, perfecting my skill and increasing my knowledge. My photography journey began with the little people, they may only have been 1.5″ high model figures but are giants in my photography portfolio.

My job for life ended in 2014 when I took redundancy.                                                      My love of photography started back in 2010 and by the time I left my civil service job four years later, my creativity and thought processes were all consumed by photography. By the time I had left my job I had already been published in magazines and newspapers and had five pieces of art exhibited in a New Jersey art gallery.

It seemed to be the logically step to enter the world of being a professional photographer. I love creating images and my creativity has been set free, so my photography takes me onto a different journey. My portfolio is varied, from working with creative and wonderful interior designers,  to photographing model and fashion work. My creative mind is at home when I come up with my art imagery and thought provoking photos.

To me photography is an inspirational and expressive art form and enables me to express my thoughts and feelings.