Love photography

To me photography is my dream job. It’s a truly creative medium and for me it has opened up some different ideas and helped to unlock my creative thought processes. My portfolio is varied and I love every aspect of photography, but one area that I find really interesting and creative is natural light portraiture.

Since starting my business, I’m always seeking to better myself and to create better images and nothing helps to push me further than working with natural light. You have to work with the light and direction of your client is key, otherwise you will not be able to capture the image that you want. Placing yourself between the light source and client is a wonderful way to catch the light falling on your clients face and I especially look to try and get light catches in their eyes. To me eyes are so important and something that has been said many times before, are windows to the soul of the person.

Working with people is extremely creative and you can come up with some great ideas as the shoot goes along. My photo style is relaxed and I find that helps your clients settle, as being in front of the camera can by quite nerve racking. I have numerous clients that have wanted both natural light shoots as well as studio lighting images, but for me the one that tests my knowledge and skill is natural light.

The image below is of Ruby, a wonderful model who I have worked with on many shoots. This was taken at Shadow Studio, Gloucester and is totally shot in natural light.


Natural light portrait