Lock Down

Wow, it’s been a long time since I have posted in my blog.

Obviously with the lockdown, life isn’t normal and that is the same for photography. I have been trying to keep busy, going back over previous work re-editing or trying something different with an image.

I love to photograph wild flowers so the downtime has been ideal for this and even did a dandelion photography project over a number of weeks. With the slight easing of the lockdown, i have been able to get to Cranham Woods and experience swathes of wild garlic and the left over bluebells that are slowly fading for another year.

Back in January, I re-launched part of my photography portfolio and re-branded my boudoir photography. I originally called it Steve Rolfe Boudoir Photography as i wanted to try and keep everything under the one umbrella, with regards my photography. After taking time to think of how I wanted the business to look and the direction I would like it to go in, I felt it needed to be a more personal branding. I looked at my family name, or precisely my grand mother’s maiden name and something just clicked. The name was Le Sage and it’s French Huguenot. My ancestors came over from France in the late 1600’s and settled in London. Huguenots are known for being artisan’s and I believe that part of that has rubbed of onto me. So Le Sage Boudoir Photography was born, it’s still in it’s infancy as a business and with lockdown that certainly hasn’t helped, but will keep you posted on how things are going with it.

Take care everyone and hopefully we will all be back doing what we love very soon.