Life in Lockdown

Life in lockdown has been very difficult, even for someone who likes to stay at home. The feeling of, let’s head out and do some photography was soon short lived when your dragged back to reality and oh, i can’t.

So I have been spending time going over previous work and just dropping emails to clients making sure they’re safe and well, as it’s times like this when we need to be aware of how people are doing.

I have also find the lockdown has had a significant effect on my creativity and has stifled it a little to much. Whereas I would get a germ of an idea and then the process would formulate in my mind to how and what I could do to achieve the imagery.

With the slow easing of lockdown, we have been able to get out a little more and for me going to nearby woods has been interesting. The smell of wild garlic and the slowly passing of the bluebells has led to some interesting images. Alongwith the wonderful trees offering shade to the wild flowers and a welcome break from the warm sun.

Wild flowers are wonderful to photograph, especially the fantastic dandelion. From a bright yellow flower, to a seed head offering future dandies a life when the wind blows the pods away from the mother flower. I even did a dandie photo diary, going from the swaying yellow head to when the pods were ready to fly.

On other things, my boudoir photography is slowly taking shape, the lockdown has obviously had a knock on effect with this, but things are still happening.