Instagram live interview

Sunday was a great day, I was interviewed by the wonderful Natalie from Our Baby Club, Cotswolds about my boudoir photography.

It was fantastic to be able to talk about my boudoir photography and how it helps to empower ladies. I started to specialise with boudoir photography 4 years ago and just love to work with my clients.

In the early days it was ladies getting images for their loved ones as a gift, but over the past 2 years I have noticed a shift in the reason behind why ladies are having a boudoir shoot.

My clients decide to have a boudoir shoot for themselves, they are seeking time for them, time away from a busy schedule at work or at home. They want a little time for themselves, to help them feel and look beautiful.

For me the best time in a boudoir shoot, is part way in and I show my client some of her images. The look on their faces is incredible, they look so happy and realise that Wow that is me and I am beautiful.

Having the images also helps to make for a wonderful keep sake for her to look back on in years to come and feel beautiful all over again.

We are all beautiful and I love to work with my clients and create simply incredible images for them to keep.