How do you choose a photographer?

An interesting question was posed, how do people choose a photographer?

So how do you choose one??

Is it through word of mouth, reviews or just a needle in the phone book?

Photography is an art as well as a service that many people need. It’s a creative process that is both personal to the photographer and the client.

Anyone can pick up a camera or mobile phone to snap away and get an image, but what separates people from artists is an eye for an image. The creative thoughts that can spot the shot in the photo. Whether it’s photographing food, interior design to fashion a true photographer can capture the “money” shot.

Going through the process of picking the right photographer can be a nightmare. It will include looking at their portfolio, as you need to like what they are producing! When you cast your eye over their work you may get a connection and a thought that yes this person will understand my brief and create images that I will be proud of.

Reviews and word of mouth are gold dust, but doesn’t always work as I said earlier it’s a personal thing. Your friend may have had a wonderful experience with said photographer, but you may not gel with them,  they may not get your ideas and vision.

The elephant in the room is price. Photography prices vary and for wedding photography I have seen prices range from £700 – £1700. Again it comes down to, do you like their previous work, do you feel a connection with the photographer? Price always creates a talking point.

As for me and with my photographers hat on, photography is deemed almost as a luxury and trying to price your business can be problematical as you don’t want to appear cheap as that can put customers off and if you have a high price then will that capture the market or put people off?

Putting myself in the shoes of the client. When my wife and I chose our wedding photographer many years ago, we went through word of mouth and looked at what they had done previously and what packages they offered. We had a short list of photographers and used the above checklist to help make our decision. It also helped that the photographer we eventually chose, was friendly, professional, understood our ideas and his portfolio had beautiful images which gave us confidence that he would be able to replicate with us.

Looking back we chose right, as his images of our special day were truly wonderful and he captured everything that we wanted. We were happy with the price and packages that he offered and through his great service we had no hesitation in referring other clients to him.

Hope this has helped in some way.


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