Everyone’s a photographer

Since the mobile phone was created, the camera has become better with every passing year and with every updated handset. The phone cameras are sometimes better than the point and shoot cameras and are so easy to use and we have them with us at all times. Even I as a professional photographer use my mobile camera to take images and can see the benefits and shouldn’t knock it, as if you have an eye for an image then regardless of what your using to take the photo, you should be able to capture an image that your happy with. A quote once said that “You are only as good a photographer with the camera that you have to hand” which is so true.

Another benefit to a mobile phone camera, It’s so much easier to upload photos to social media sites.

The days of the well known photographers of the 60’s and before where they were treated like pop stars has gone, as nowadays everyone has a camera. But one thing that hasn’t changed is that for a special occasion or you want some wonderful images of you or your company then the professionals are the ideal people to contact. We have studied our profession as an art form, we understand light and how it falls, placement of subject to bring out the best images and the creative visions that allow us to think outside the box.


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