Beautiful photography sells

A lot of interior designers and hoteliers carry on using old images to market themselves, their projects and locations and either haven’t got the budget to pay for a professional photographer or fail to realise how detrimental poor images can have on a business. With social media being so key it’s the perfect opportunity to highlight your wonderful talents and your beautiful settings. A lot of customers shop with their eyes and when viewing a hotel, they are often misled by poor and sometimes incorrect images. To encourage your clientele and to boost further custom and bookings then paying for a professional photographer can almost pay for itself, when you have a website full of stunning and well thought out images.
Here at Steve Rolfe Interior Photography, we not only take beautiful photos of rooms as they are, we also style them, a suit or dress laid out on the bed, a pair of shoes at the bottom of the bed, to offer the viewer that extra look of how inviting it looks.

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