3 images creativity

A little insight into photography – Sometime ago I came across a great idea of capturing 3 images to make a set. I used to post one image onto social media, or a multiple of images on one thread. Not sure what made me change how I work or capture photos, but it certainly helps the thought process. I go out on a photo shoot, mostly urban, street, people, creative and look to see if I can get a set of 3, either 1 image that can be cropped 3 ways to highlight certain things, 3 images of one item shot from different angles or 3 things that have a connection a story. Maybe this is something that you could try, it may not work for everyone, but it may just help someone’s creativity and thought processes. Be great to hear people’s views, thoughts, even share photos of your projects. Talking of projects, personal projects are so key to a photographer, it helps us to be creative, to create images that we have been wanting to try and do and helps open up the mind to new processes and ideas. You will be amazed at what you can come up with when it’s just you and the camera.