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    Boudoir photography

    Thought I would share this quote from a truly wonderful boudoir photographer. Last year I had a session with Jess from Beautifully undressed boudoir as I wanted to understand how a fellow professional who specialises within boudoir photography engaged with her client. I have worked with models for a number of years, but to actually see how you interact and capture wonderful, sensual images of a lady who isn’t a model was truly inspirational. Jess kindly commented “you really have a lovely presence about you and kindness which comes across and i think is a great asset to have when taking boudoir photos of those who are not models or…

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    Welcome to my little world

    Welcome to my little world on the internet. Many years ago I stumbled into photography and never looked back. I loved photography so much, that after taking redundancy from a 17 year stint as a civil servant, I decided to make it my career. That was back in 2014 and never looked back or regretted my decision. My passion is creative photography and that is where my little people come into it. They may only be 1.5″ high, but have been giants in my photographic story.   My portfolio is varied, from interior design, sport and fashion to boudoir. I will use my blog to keep you updated on my shoots…