Professional Photography Services

Welcome to my website, my name is Steve Rolfe, I’m a professional photographer and I’m based in the beautiful county of Gloucestershire.

I offer professional photography services covering subjects from Commercial photography which includes Interior Design, Fashion to Product imagery, beautiful portraiture and boudoir photography.

For me photography is wonderfully creative and for the last seven years I have been creating my unique style within photography.  I love being behind the camera, working with clients to create beautiful images and work from either studio or location. One style of photography that I love and have specialised with over the last four years is natural light. It’s truly wonderful and it offers such a soft light to any photograph, especially black and white portraiture.

I love to travel and work with new people.

If you require outstanding imagery, I have various photographic packages which can be truly tailored to fit your requirements.

If you would like to call me on 07881 908 870 or drop me a message via the contact form.

Thank you


Unique Imagery

I have always been passionate about photography and creating unique imagery, in the beginning it was my hobby.

Christmas 2010 was a landmark time.  I had come across a wonderful book of interesting images that got me thinking and which opened up my creativity thought processes. I began to think how incredible it could be, if I could create my own photos. It wasn’t long before I had got my first camera and started  to create my own brand of unique imagery and to begin the first steps of my photographic journey. I love photography and had numerous work published and exhibited and felt an affinity with it, so following redundancy in 2014 I decided to take a huge leap of faith and start my own photography business. 

Using a business mentor, the first thing we discussed was the direction that I was going to take my photography.

I was fortunate that my wife has her own Interior Design company. Therefore I had been surrounded by beautiful interiors and soft furnishings for many years. Ultimately, with all the visions of curtains, pelmets and loose covers in my mind it led me to the idea of Interior Design photography.

As I commence my sixth year as a professional photographer I have already worked with so many wonderful and creative clients. The inspiring interiors of my clients have made it a privilege to photograph.

With my creativity growing my journey has taken me to new areas of photography. Fashion, product and food images to the truly wonderful and empowering boudoir packages are some of the areas of my work.

View examples of my work in my portfolio.

I have fantastic clients across the UK and love to work with them, creating beautiful and unique imagery.

Find out more about Steve Rolfe.

Photography Inspiration

I’ve been asked on numerous occasions where do I get my inspiration from?

My inspiration can come from many ways, be it walking down a road and seeing something on a pavement, to an insect buzzing around a flower.

It can also come from working with my clients, discussing their ideas and thoughts and then being able to turn those into a bespoke image that is truly unique to them.

View some of my work on my portfolio page.

I’ve always been a creative person and that shows in my inspiring photography and is echoed in my business statement “Unique imagery inspired by life”


Drop me a short message via the contact form and I will get back to you.

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